Five questions to help couples get on the same retirement page

It’s common for couples to have very different ideas about what retirement would be like – and the cost of providing those different lifestyles may vary significantly. For example, a career-oriented husband may be thinking he’d like to continue working in some capacity, while his wife could be counting the days until the two of them can spend more time together. If these two don’t share their ideas about the future, their visions could easily conflict. Reconciling your perceptions, wants and needs for retirement – and how you’ll pay for them – is essential to enjoying this new stage of [...]

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The Marriage Penalty

The marriage penalty exists whenever the tax on a couple's joint return is more than the combined taxes each spouse would pay if they weren't married and if each filed his or her own single or head of household return. The tax is more on a joint return when the couple's taxable income is pushed into a higher marginal tax bracket than would apply if the couple wasn't married (so they pay at a higher rate on the same total income than they would pay if each were single). And that usually happens where both spouses work and have relatively equal incomes. [...]

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Hear Aaron on “Communication Nation”

This time of year a lot of entrepreneurs and small business owners are thinking about anything but taxes. But making small changes now can have big outcomes later!  Special guest Aaron Blau, EA and CPA, joins host Jill Schiefelbein on Communication Nation to talk to us about a hot topic: Money! We discuss how actions you take now can impact your financial health through the rest of the year and beyond.  We'll also talk about how to communicate about money and financial issues with your business partners, employees and personal connections.  Perhaps most beneficial to the new business owner, though, Aaron will provide [...]

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