There are many options available to you to pay your federal and state income taxes. The Blau Company, Ltd. always provides addressed envelopes for your convenience. Read on for more information and options for paying your taxes.


The Internal Revenue Service Provides Many Ways to Make a Payment

Direct Pay

Use this secure service to pay your tax bill or make estimated tax payments directly from your bank account.  This free service allows you to make your payment without setting up an account, logging in, or remembering a password. Payments can be made for multiple different tax years for the following forms:

  • Installment Agreement Payment (1993-Current)
  • Estimated Tax Payments
  • Payment for Adjusted Balance Due (e.g., Notice CP2000 or other audit adjustments)
  • Request for extension of time to file (in lieu of Form 4868)
  • Payment on a balance-due individual income tax return that was e-filed
  • Payment on an amended return

To make an IRS payment using Direct Pay, click here!

Pay by Credit or Debit Card

Certain service providers have contracted with the Internal Revenue Service to provide the ability to pay your taxes by credit card. All services require a convenience fee. This benefits those who wish to pay their taxes and earn rewards points, but you are basically paying for the rewards points with the credit card fees. Though it is available, we do not recommend our clients pay taxes using this method. To make an IRS payment by credit card, please click here.

Pay by Installment Agreement

For balances less than $50,000, the IRS allows taxpayers to establish an agreement to pay online  This method carries very low interest rates, and the payment can be direct-debited out of your bank account. The Online Payment Agreement Application is a simple and streamlined method of establishing an installment agreement.  To apply online, click here! To establish an installment agreement via phone, clients can call (800) 829-1040.

Arizona Department of Revenue

The Arizona Department of Revenue allows both E-Checks and credit card payments to be made via their website.  You can make the following types of payments:

  • 1040ES – Individual income estimated payments
  • 140V – Income tax payments for e-filed returns
  • 204 – Individual income tax extension payments
  • Liability – Payment for unpaid individual income taxes

Payment can be made by clicking here!