Taxes Are Complicated. Getting Organized Shouldn’t Be.

The Blau Company, Ltd. provides organizers that assist clients in putting together information relevant to preparing income tax returns. These organizers ask key questions which may lead your tax professional to identify opportunities to save taxes. In an effort to conserve paper, we will not be sending paper organizers in the mail unless requested to do so. We offer three options for tax organizers:

All continuing clients are automatically enrolled in the Intuit Link secure portal. Dashboards show what documents has been submitted and what data may be missing. We highly recommend using Link, as it is secure, simple and flexible.

This is a traditional organizer mailed to your address for you to fill out by hand. This organizer contains key information reported on your previous income tax return to assist you in determining if information is necessary for current tax year.

This is the traditional paper organizer already described, but in PDF format. You will print the information yourself for your use.