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Give Your Business Direction

GIVE YOUR BUSINESS DIRECTION Strategic planning is important for your business because it provides a sense of direction and outlines measurable goals to keep you and your business on track.  In order to make the most of strategic planning, your business should give careful thought to the goals it outlines and then back up these goals with realistic measures for evaluating results. Here are three tips on how to create business goals and things to consider:   Plan Strategically:  The goals you set for your small business will be unique to your particular operation.  Goals can include income or customer [...]

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“Hobby” Turns Into A Business

It’s an incredible thing when a little idea grows to something bigger than you could have imagined. Jack and Angela McGregor started their business as a “hobby” Angela was a homemaker and it gave her a creative outlet. The intention was that the business would pay its way, and with luck, earn the family a little extra income. It did all this and more. How it grew! Problem The business was totally reactive. Angela was constantly putting out fires. This was not the creative outlet the McGregors planned but its income potential was irresistible. They needed help on many fronts. [...]

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