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Aaron Blau, EA, CPA

About Aaron Blau, EA, CPA

Aaron is a native to Tempe, Arizona. Aaron followed his father’s footsteps and fell in love with accounting and the study of taxation. Graduating from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management with emphases on Small Business and Entrepreneurship (Class of 2001), he uses his education to help small business owners better understand their financial and tax picture. Aaron is one of the youngest applicants to pass the Special Enrollment exam, administered by the U.S. Treasury Department, and received his license to practice as a Certified Public Accountant in the state of Arizona. Aaron, having completed a three year course of study, is also a Fellow of the prestigious National Tax Practice Institute.

2018 Tax Season Appointments Now Open!

2018 Tax Preparation Appointments We are now accepting appointments for the preparation of 2017 Income Tax Returns.   To request an appointment, fill out the form to the right or contact our office at (480) 946-7732. As a rule, good tax planning requires an early start.  The preparation of your income tax return can include a study of the facts in order to achieve the maximum savings if we are given complete and accurate information and time to complete the work. Appointment Scheduling Each year we see an increased demand for our professional services.  As a result, many of [...]

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Case Study: How A Cost Accounting System Improved Efficiency And Profit

Client Ann Marie owns a manufacturing business which makes a high-end product. She varies her design from time to time so there are many versions of her primary design. Problem Ann Marie did not have a cost accounting system that would determine the cost of producing each version. So she did not know which ones were cost-effective to produce and earn her more profit and which ones were not. Solution She engaged her Accountant to select an appropriate cloud-based cost accounting system to tailor to her needs. The Accountant analyzed the manufacturing process and determined the basic activities involved. The [...]

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How To Know What It Costs To Create One Widget

Cost accounting is about calculating the total cost involved in the process of production.  In a nutshell: “What it costs to create one widget!” Estimating the accurate cost of products is critical for profitable operations.  A business must know which products are profitable and which ones are not, and this can be ascertained only when it has estimated the correct cost of each product. Key Objectives of Cost Accounting Cost finding Cost planning and controlling Cost analysis for managerial decision Six Advantages of Cost Accounting Helps in cost control Helps in decision making Guides in price fixation Helps in cost reduction [...]

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Case Study – Getting Business Infrastructure Right

Client Working as a freelance Personal Training and Group Fitness Instructor sounds like it could be liberating, interesting and a good-paying job. But the truth is, like any independent contractor, there are business issues that have to be considered, before you take your first class or train a client. Dean Turner was a full-time chef and fitness enthusiast before he decided to take a chance and work for himself in an industry he loved. Problem Dean knew he needed to learn how to run a small business and decided to start by talking to his Accountant.  It was a given that [...]

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So you want to be an Independent Contractor

Confused about what it means to be an Independent Contractor? Maybe you are working for a business but you want to start your own business. Maybe your employer has suggested that you could work at home, and they will change your status to that of an Independent Contractor. Before you make this change, you should know about some of the pros and cons of working independently. Benefits Independence.  You may be able to work your own hours from whatever location you choose depending on the type of job.  You should be able to negotiate pay rates and a payment schedule. [...]

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Case Study: Are You Managing Your Personal Cashflow?

Client Sue and Richard are a newly married professional couple.  They have no children and earn a very decent income as corporate lawyers.  The mystery was they were living pay to pay.  Truth be told, they were behind!  They had acquired few assets other than a great car, substantial wardrobes and an eclectic wine collection. Problem Sue and Richard required assistance to manage their income and expenses so they could save to purchase a home within the new few years.  Their immediate need was to understand where their funds were going. Solution Their Accountant listened and reviewed the limited financial [...]

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Simple Options to Improve your Personal Cashflow

It is very simple: To gain wealth, you must spend less than you earn. Being fiscally astute is not rocket science.  Let’s review simple options to help you turn your spending habits around and achieve a positive personal cash flow. Settle bills by the due date unless there is an incentive to pay early. Your money is better placed to work for you in an interest-bearing account. Pay off high-interest rate debt to free up money. This is your priority task.  Debt is not a given.  Break the cycle and pay off your debts.  Pay as much extra off the debt as [...]

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