2018 Tax Preparation Appointments

We are now accepting appointments for the preparation of 2017 Income Tax Returns.   To request an appointment, fill out the form to the right or contact our office at (480) 946-7732.

As a rule, good tax planning requires an early start.  The preparation of your income tax return can include a study of the facts in order to achieve the maximum savings if we are given complete and accurate information and time to complete the work.

Appointment Scheduling
Each year we see an increased demand for our professional services.  As a result, many of our clients now call to schedule their tax season appointment in December and early January.  The earlier you book your appointment, the more likely we will be able to accommodate the date and time that is most convenient for you.  We recommend that you request an appointment at least thirty days prior to the day you would like your appointment scheduled.  We are unable to accommodate clients after Thursday, April 12.

Cancellation of your appointment within 48 hours of your appointment will result in a rescheduling charge, as well as the possibility you will not be able to see your requested tax preparer.  Exceptions will be made in the case of illness.  We love our clients, but we do not love the germs that are brought into our office.

We do our best to keep our appointments at the time they are scheduled. However, some clients require more time than originally anticipated.  In an effort to minimize delays, you may be asked to begin your appointment with another experienced staff member who will perform preliminary tasks prior to meeting with your scheduled accountant.  We appreciate your cooperation.

Tax Organizers
This year we are offering three organizer choices.

  1. Paper Organizer – This is a traditional organizer which we will mail to your address for you to fill out by hand.
  2. PDF Organizer – This is the traditional organizer described above, in PDF format.  You will print the information for your use.  Please note, this is not provided in a ‘fillable’ format.
  3. Intuit Link – Last year nearly half our clients used our cloud organizer to answer organizer questions, upload documents, and ask questions.  This allowed us to complete returns faster and more securely than ever before!  All clients with e-mail addresses will be provide a Link invitation.  If you are a new client, please select this option and enter an e-mail address.

To choose an organizer type, use the button on the left side of the screen.

Client Questionnaire
In order to satisfy due diligence requirements, we have produced a client questionnaire within the tax organizer.  Please fill out the questionnaire to the best of your ability and make sure to sign it at the end.  If you forget to complete it, you will be provided with an identical questionnaire upon checking in for your tax appointment.

Drop Off/Mail-In Information
We feel that it is very important to meet with our clients face to face.  Often questions arise during interviews that are useful to the planning and advising process.  However, we will be happy to take information you may drop off at our office.  We will arrange for a teleconference where you can speak with a tax preparer in order to fill in any holes we may encounter.  Be sure to include a home, work and mobile phone number with your information.

Our fee for the preparation of your individual income tax return depends on the complexity of the return, the amount of time required to prepare and process the return and the quality and completeness of your data.  We have well established minimum fees, based on preparer.  If you have questions about your potential fee, please be sure to ask prior to or during your appointment. All fees are due upon the completion of your tax return. We will not e-file your tax return unless payment arrangements have been made.

Surcharges may apply.  See table to the right for more information.

*Business fees are always billed separately.  Individual income tax fees do not include accounting, bookkeeping, or business tax preparation unless specifically noted.

If you have any questions, please contact our office at (480) 946-7732.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Surcharge Description Amount
Expedited Preparation 3 day turnaround $150.00
Late Appointments Appointments after 3/31 $70.00
Late Submission New or missing information provided after 4/8 $70.00
Reprint Fee New information provided after draft sent for signature $25.00