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June 30 – 7   Alan Vacation
July 3 – 8       Denise Vacation
July 10 – 15   Suzy Vacation
July 4            Independence Day (Federal holiday)
July 31          Payroll Tax Returns Due


Future Filing Deadlines

Though business taxpayers have until September 15 and individual taxpayers on extension have until October 15 to file their taxes, we encourage you to provide information as soon as possible.  To ensure timely filing, please ensure all information is provided by the following dates:

    Business Entities        August 11
    Individuals                September 15

To request an appointment, use the link at the bottom of this e-mail.



Ranking Arizona – We (Still) Need your Support!!!

Voting continues through July 31!  Only 30 more days to go!

To vote, follow these easy steps:

1) Click THIS LINK

2) Pick a Category (Finance and Professional

3) Choose “Accounting Firms”

4) Scroll to the bottom of the list (It is alphabetical – look for “THE BLAU COMPANY”

5) Click VOTE! (They do ask for registration, so feel free to use any e-mail you desire to use.  They do state they do not sell your information)

6) REPEAT!!! The old rules allowed voting once a quarter.  The new rules allow ONCE PER HOUR!  

We continue to listen to our clients and respond to your reviews and requests.  We feel fortunate to maintain a 5 star rating, and a 97.3% client satisfaction score.  We look forward to continuing to serve you for many years!


Tax News

Ask The Expert

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IRS Adopts Taxpayer Bill of Rights

The IRS recently released a set of fundamental rights all taxpayers have when dealing with the IRS.  To read about your rights, click the link above.



QuickBooks Clinic Hours

In support of the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce and the new co-working space in Gilbert (and home of our Southeast Valley location), Aaron will be holding monthly drop-in hours for QuickBooks assistance.  Wednesday July 2 will be the pilot for the new program.  For more information, click the link above.  



Mid-year Tax Planning

Tax Season 2014 has come and gone and now it’s time to think about tax planning for tax year 2014. Items which could impact your 2014 taxes include certain life events and expired tax provisions.


Recordkeeping and Jon Stewart on the IRS

Jon Stewart, king of all snark, recently took on the IRS in this June 24 segment. Stewart skewered the IRS for shoddy record keeping policies (6 months for e-mails?) and storage processes. In addition, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Rep. Darrel Issa was not immune to criticism for his behavior during IRS Commissioner Koskinen’s testimony.