c194486_mAaron Blau will be in Washington DC from May 6 through May 10 representing the Arizona Society of Enrolled Agents at the National Association of Enrolled Agents Legislative Fly-In Day and Affiliates President Exchange.

Aaron, and about 100 members from around the country, will be working to raise awareness and promote:

Tax Code Stability
There are dozens of tax provisions which expire annually.  And the vast majority of these provisions are renewed, retroactively.  This prevents tax professionals from the ability to assist taxpayers to arrange their affairs in the most tax effective way possible.  Items such as the research & development tax credit, and the $250 above-the-line deduction for teachers are an example of these year-to-year extenders.

Return Preparer Oversight
Currently, there is very little recourse for bad preparers who are not enrolled agents, CPAs, or attorneys.  These shadow preparers generate large refunds for clients using unethical behaviors and abusing the tax code.  Taxpayers deserve to know that their tax professional has at least as much training as their hair stylist or barber.

Enrolled Agent Credential Act
Congressman Boustany and Senator Portman have introduced a bill supporting Enrolled Agents as the only federally licensed tax professional with unlimited rights to represent taxpayers.  We will be attempting to find more senators who will join the bill’s 8 co-sponsors, and protect the rights of Enrolled Agents

To follow Aaron’s misadventures, watch twitter or facebook for the tag #NAEAFlyIn14 on facebook and twitter.