My former manager would often talk about his mothers, who suffered from ‘OldTimers’ (Alzheimer’s).  During tax season, he worked long hours.  When he returned home, he would care for his mother, who was cared for by his wife while he was at work.

I recently visited with a new client in her early 80s who was the primary caregiver for her husband, who also suffered from dementia.  While she was not frail, I knew that should he need physical assistance, she would be no match for him.

Caring for a loved one with dementia causes enormous stress on relationships and finances. Caregivers can often feel ‘trapped,’ unable to participate in activities they once enjoyed because they stay home to care for their loved one.  It is important to know that there are resources available to those needing temporary respite in addition to higher level full-time care.

Director of Community Relations for Silver Creek Inn Memory Care, Darlene Shafer, has a few tips.  Facilities such Silver Creek Inn often have ‘respite’ programs, or temporary-stay programs, which allow a loved one a fully staffed and secure environment while their caregiver may need to travel away from home, or simply have a few hours to run errands.  These short stays may also provide a comfortable transition into eventual higher level services.

In order to participate in a respite or hourly stay, loved ones must be under the supervision of a primary care physician, have a complete medication list, and undergo a needs assessment by staff.

For more information about the availability of short-term stay programs, contact Darlene at 480-636-1222.  Silver Creek Inn is a member of the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce and the Wednesday Referral Rockstars.