I can talk at length about the government shut down and the politics involved.  But the fact is, I am an advocate for the taxpaying public, and that isn’t about politics.

Taxpayers deserve fair, consistent, and timely assistance regarding their tax responsibilities.

They deserve well trained, service oriented and interested members of the Service to be available at reasonable times.

This shutdown is a disservice to the taxpayers, especially as the October 15 deadline approaches.  Yes, even individuals who file extensions are often due refunds – and they aren’t going to receive them.

It is a disservice to taxpayers who want to properly pay their debt but are hurt by levies and liens printed out by computers instead of handled by people.

It is a disservice to tax professionals like CPAs, Enrolled Agents and Tax Attorneys who are zealous advocates for their client’s rights under the Internal Revenue Code.

We cannot tolerate a shut down for much longer.  This is not the IRS’ fault.  Their employees put their socks on one foot at a time just like all of us.  They have bills to pay.  Mouths to feed.  And they absorb incredible amounts of abuse (mostly undeserved) from all sides.  Adding more stress will only serve to hurt the taxpayer further.

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