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About Aaron Blau, EA, CPA

Aaron is a native to Tempe, Arizona. Aaron followed his father’s footsteps and fell in love with accounting and the study of taxation. Graduating from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management with emphases on Small Business and Entrepreneurship (Class of 2001), he uses his education to help small business owners better understand their financial and tax picture. Aaron is one of the youngest applicants to pass the Special Enrollment exam, administered by the U.S. Treasury Department, and received his license to practice as a Certified Public Accountant in the state of Arizona. Aaron, having completed a three year course of study, is also a Fellow of the prestigious National Tax Practice Institute.

Case Study: Small Business, Big Success

Request an appointment today! How a personal trainer transformed her business and increased her income. Claire is a personal trainer with 20 years of industry experience.  Her personal training business was a great success.  There were many gyms competing in the area; but she had the clever idea, many years ago, to focus on a niche market of training pre- and post-natal women. Problem Twelve months ago, Claire decided to take the leap and grow her business.  She opened a second location.  Since that decision, Claire has been working long hours and, despite her hard work, her net [...]

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Business Planning – Your Blueprint to Business Success

Running a business without a business plan is like rock climbing blindfolded. Your chances of making it successfully to the top are slim. And the process will surely be a death-defying one. A business plan is a step-by-step guide to running your business and creating a product or service that will make it successful in the marketplace.  You and your business plan must be flexible.  Your plan will need to be adjusted periodically depending on opportunities in the marketplace, the current health of your business etc. Every business should have a plan.  It may be formal or informal, it does [...]

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Video: Find the Numbers and Measure Relentlessly

In any business there are three core activities.  It is important to understand three areas of business operations Marketing Sales Servicing It is important to analyze the effect of budgeted dollars, and how it affects your net income.  Putting all of your effort into one of the three legs of the stool means money rolls off the table.

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Case Study: How fresh eyes turned a business around

n optometry practice had been trading for over 20 years under a previous owner’s name as their business brand. The business offered a broad range of optometry services in line with most mainstream optometry practices. CHALLENGE The business did not stand out in the marketplace. With increased competition, the business was seeing sales decline and the need for discounts to compete within the market. This strategy was not sustainable. The business sought the advice of its Accountant to see if they could reposition the business and enable them to escape the price-cutting cycle. ACCOUNTANT’S ROLE The Accountant surveyed existing customers [...]

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Is Your Marketing Plan as Tired as Your Business Brand

There are many ways to market your business, and the key to maximizing your efforts and marketing spend is to inject variety in your marketing plan. The following are four tips on how you can diversify your marketing to increase market reach and impact. Revitalize Your Business Branding If your brand hasn’t had a makeover in many years, it may be time for a new look. This can be one of the most creative and fun aspects of your marketing plan, but it should not be left to amateurs. Remember, your brand is the cornerstone of your marketing. Work with [...]

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Give Your Business Direction

GIVE YOUR BUSINESS DIRECTION Strategic planning is important for your business because it provides a sense of direction and outlines measurable goals to keep you and your business on track.  In order to make the most of strategic planning, your business should give careful thought to the goals it outlines and then back up these goals with realistic measures for evaluating results. Here are three tips on how to create business goals and things to consider:   Plan Strategically:  The goals you set for your small business will be unique to your particular operation.  Goals can include income or customer [...]

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“Hobby” Turns Into A Business

It’s an incredible thing when a little idea grows to something bigger than you could have imagined. Jack and Angela McGregor started their business as a “hobby” Angela was a homemaker and it gave her a creative outlet. The intention was that the business would pay its way, and with luck, earn the family a little extra income. It did all this and more. How it grew! Problem The business was totally reactive. Angela was constantly putting out fires. This was not the creative outlet the McGregors planned but its income potential was irresistible. They needed help on many fronts. [...]

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