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Alma Kuri | Client Service Coordinator (Individual)

Alma was raised and has lived in Arizona most of her life. She graduated from the American Teller Schools for Banking Operations in 1990 in Mesa, AZ. She’s worked in various roles and industries, including administration, direct marketing, interpreting, customer service both inbound and outbound, accounts payable, and most recently and thus far her favorite, the tax industry for the past four years.

She says she does what she does now because she enjoys working with financials and is passionate about contributing to the education of Blau’s clients and helping put a smile on their faces!

Alma has four children: one set of twin girls (35), a son (32), and another daughter (21). She finds diversity in cultures, languages, and foreign accents amazingly interesting. While she understands a bit of French, she is fluent in Spanish. Alma finds it gratifying to assist individuals to connect by removing the language barrier. She enjoys swimming, tennis, and music.